3D Avatars of Patients to Test Potential Treatments

Doctors at Sheffield University in Britain are developing new 3D avatars of patients which could then be used to test different treatments before prescribing a specific one.

The doctors revealed that they are working on Google Earth type software which includes all the medical history of patients to create 3D avatars or replicas of patients. They will then be used to test different treatments and ascertain whether the patient might suffer from unwanted side effects.

Lead researcher Professor Alejandro Frangi said that the new software could help doctors to check whether the patient may respond favorably to a specific treatment. ?By developing models of complete organ systems, such as the cardiovascular system, we can help clinicians predict whether treating a constriction in one coronary artery, for example , might improve or worsen blood supply in other coronary arteries in patients with multiple lesions?, he said.


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