Diligent Healthcare Planning can Help India Move Towards NHS Model

As public funding in healthcare increases greatly, India can move towards its own model of Britain's famed National Health Service (NHS), says thehindu.com.

Universal Health Coverage (UHC), including cashless treatment, can be achieved through greater expenditure and a system of stronger regulatory supervision, as outlined by the Planning Commission's High Level Expert Group (HLEG).

India?s economic growth favours the implementation of health reform. The private health sector?s participation in the UHC plan on a contractual basis, with tight monitoring of costs and protocols has the potential to revolutionize healthcare in the nation.

An increase in public expenditure from an estimated 1.4 per cent of GDP to 2.5 per cent by the end of the Twelfth Plan will boost government spending and potentially make high quality care accessible to all.

At present, private out-of-pocket health expenditure constitutes 3.3 per cent of GDP, or around 67 per cent of the total spending. Universalization of care can cut it to about 33 percent by 2022.


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