BJP to train 21,000 health volunteers to tackle Covid in J-K

 The BJP is planning to train 21,000 health volunteers in preparation for a possible third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Jammu and Kashmir, former minister and party general secretary Devinder Kumar Manyal said on Sunday.

He said a batch of 110 volunteers from all districts are attending the training programme at party headquarters Trikuta Nagar here on Monday, marking the commencement of the party's National Health Volunteer campaign.

Manyal said the campaign was started by the BJP to handle Covid-affected people and prepare for better management in case a possible COVID-19 third wave hits the country.

After completion of their training, the volunteers would move back to their headquarters and train already-identified volunteers to cover all villages, he said.

The BJP leader said expert doctors would be providing training to the volunteers regarding early detection of COVID-19 cases, awareness, sanitisation, vaccination and treatment incase a patient is found positive.

"The volunteers will be provided a pulse oximeter, thermal scanner, a thermometer, a kit of immunity boosting drugs  long with a guide booklet containing all information regarding COVID-19," he said. 

The volunteers would be working in their respective areas and will help the people if at all any cases of Covid are detected in their village, Manyal said, adding that these volunteers would be working to assist and help the administration and will not be treating or giving any medicine to the affected people.