Protests by hundreds of Gazans against Israeli border blockade

 As Israel's separation fence was being constructed, hundreds of Palestinians began to gather along it. They set fire to tires and hurled explosives at Israel as Gaza's Hamas rulers continued their campaign to pressure Israel into easing its blockade. One protestor was slightly wounded by Israeli gunfire.

This was the second consecutive nighttime protest at the border. It took place just hours after Israeli warplanes launched a series of strikes on Hamas targets as a response to unrest. Officials from Hamas have said that they will hold nightly protests throughout the week.

Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesperson said that "the Zionist occupation bears all of the repercussions und consequences of tightening the siege of Gaza and the escalation humanitarian crisis among its residents."

"No peace or stability can be achieved if our people don't have a dignified and free life."

According to the Israeli military, protesters set fire to tires and lobbed explosives at Israeli troops. The forces also took unspecified measures in dispersing the crowd.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, one protester was injured and shot. There were no further details immediately.

With Egypt's support, Israel has kept a tight control on Gaza ever since Hamas took control of the territory in 2007. This was one year after winning a Palestinian election.

Israel claims that the Gaza closure, which restricts movement of people and goods in Gaza, is necessary to stop Hamas building up its military capability. Critics claim that the closure has led to economic ruin and amounts to collective punishment.

While Egypt attempts to broker a long-term ceasefire, Israel has increased the blockade after an 11-day war with Hamas in May. Israel demanded Hamas to return two soldiers killed and two civilians held captive by Israel in exchange for an end to the blockade.

Hamas is growing increasingly upset at the inability to reach a cease-fire agreement. Incendiary balloons were launched by its operatives along the border, sparking wildfires in southern Israel.