Akull, Aastha Gil's romantic single "Soulmate" out

 Aastha and Akull, a singer-composer, collaborated on a romantic single called "Soulmate", which was released Tuesday.

"Soulmate" is a love song about a couple who are deeply in love.

The song was written by Akull and Mellow D, Dhruv Yogi and is composed and arranged by Akull.

Akull spoke about the song and said that it was his first duet with Aastha. It turned out so beautiful. It was pure joy to share the screen with Shivaleeka. It was so much fun to shoot this song. I hope this song will have the same impact on people as a soulmate. Aastha Gill, singer added that a soulmate should be open-minded, understanding, and fun. Akull captured this with 'Soulmate. It was a great experience working with Akull. The music video is wonderful, Shivaleeka & Akull have great chemistry on-screen. I hope that everyone enjoys the song as much I enjoyed creating it. The music video features Akull and Shivaleeka Oberoi. The video is directed by Amaninder Sing and tells a sweet romantic story.

Shivaleeka shared her excitement at being part of the video and said that "Soulmate" was a beautiful song written with passion and lots of love. Aastha and Akull have sang with such grace that it will add to the spark in any love story. It was a pleasure working with Akull. I'm sure that our viewers will enjoy our on-screen chemistry. VYRL Originals has uploaded Soulmate to YouTube.