CA's Hockley works to ensure England cricketers bring their families to Ashes

 Nick Hockley, chief executive of Cricket Australia (CA), has stated that he is working closely alongside the federal and state governments to figure out a way to make sure that England cricketers' families can travel with them during the Ashes series that begins in December.

According to, Hockley was reported to have been in contact with officials from England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), "to address concerns expressed by some England players regarding the bio-security measures surrounding this summer’s Ashes series."

According to the report, "He (Hockley), spoke with Tom Harrison (ECB) last night (Tuesday). He acknowledged that he felt a great deal of empathy for England players who have spent most of the past 18 month in bio-secure bubbles. They face a further five months if they are participating in the T20 World Cup or Ashes."

Hockley stated that it was a long distance away from families and would take the England players away for almost five months due to the ICC T20 World Cup or Ashes tours.

"So we will continue to work through appropriate channels to get support for families to participate in the tour. We hope that over the next weeks we will be able provide families with the assurance that the plans that we have put in place will allow them to feel confident that they'll have a wonderful experience. This also applies to those who wish to bring their family members. Families of England cricketers cannot travel down Under due to strict Covid-19 protocols.

"Ultimately, it will be their choice as to which England cricketers they bring. But we are working very constructively with ECB. Hockley expressed hope that venues could host large crowds during Ashes, given the pace of the vaccination drive in the country.

"I believe that this is a positive indicator of what's possible. All indications are that Australia's vaccination rates will be high by the end of the year. So we remain optimistic." While we have contingency plans in place for every eventuality, our hope is that everyone will get vaccinated. Then, when the summer comes, we can all return to the Ashes and live events.