CBI calls Partha Chatterjee in I-Core Chit Fund Scam

 The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), has requested West Bengal Commerce and Industry Minister Partha Chatterjee, to appear before it regarding the September I-Core chit-fund scam. Chatterjee has received a notice about this.

The CBI discovered Chatterjee's direct relationship with I-Core and wants to question him. CBI sources revealed that Chatterjee and Anukul Maity, chief of I-Core, were seen on a video clip in which Chatterjee spoke in support of I-Core.

"The video clip's date dates back to when I-Core was under fire. It would be interesting to find out why Chatterjee, a minister of state, spoke for I-Core at the program. This might have had an impact on the people. Chatterjee's name was also mentioned several times during interrogation. We want to get the details from the minister," a CBI officer stated.

It is not the first instance, but Partha Chatterjee was notified by the CBI and ED on several occasions. He had avoided interrogation citing his involvement in electoral programs.

In April, ED sent Chatterjee a notice. He didn't show up because he was busy with his campaign. The officer stated that he hoped Chatterjee would show up this time, or else we'd have to look for another option.

In 2015, the Central Investigation Agency arrested Anukul Maity, chief of I-Core group. He was accused of illegally mobilizing funds from small investors up to Rs 3,000 crore. Maity was arrested on charges of money laundering and was taken to Bhubaneswar jail where he later died in November 2020.