China and Pakistan target militant groups hostile to their sovereignty - TTP in Afghanistan, BLA, ETIM In Afghanistan

 China and Pakistan have listed Tehreek-etaliban Pakistan (TTP), Baloch Liberation Army(BLA), and Uighur militant outfit ETIM as terrorist groups that should be prevented from gaining a foothold within Afghanistan.

This joint statement was issued by six countries that border Afghanistan, including Pakistan and China.

TTP and BLA have both been responsible for attacks on Pakistan.

The Government of Pakistan initiated the Foreign Ministers' Meeting of Pakistan, China and Iran to discuss the Afghan problem among their neighbouring countries via video link on September 8.

TTP and BLA are terrorist outfits banned in Pakistan, but ETIM poses a threat for China.

The statement also proscribed Jondollah, a militant outfit that makes threats to Iran, in addition to these militant outfits.

Al Qaeda and ISIS are also mentioned as threats to global security.

The joint statement stated that "Reiterated that terrorist organisations, such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, ETIM. TTP. TTP. BLA. Jondollah, and other should not be allowed a foothold in Afghanistan's territory".

China hopes that the Afghan Taliban will keep its promises, disengage from terrorist organizations including the East Turkistan Islamic Movement, (ETIM), and take effective steps to crack down on them, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said Friday at a press conference in response to statements by the Taliban spokesperson, saying ETIM does not belong in Afghanistan.

Zhao stated that Zhao had noticed the exclusive interview with the Global Times and the Afghan Taliban's continued commitment to topics related to the ETIM. Zhao also noted that the UN Security Council has listed the ETIM as an international terrorist organisation and it poses a direct threat to China's territorial integrity and national security. It is a scourge that threatens regional stability and a malignant tumor which is parasitic on Afghanistan.

Zhao stated at Friday's conference that the ETIM must be firmly opposed, curbed, cracked down on and eliminated by the Afghan government. Global Times reported that China has reiterated its concern about the Afghan Taliban. It also made promises to address it.

Geo News reported that Sheikh Rasheed, Pakistan's Interior Minister, had earlier stated that Pakistan has taken the Afghan Taliban aboard over the Tehreeke-Taliban Pakistan issue. This was in the hope that Afghanistan's soil would not be used against Pakistan.

Geo Pakistan was being interviewed by the interior minister in response to reports that key TTP commanders were released from Afghanistan jails. This happened as the Taliban took control of Pakistan.

Maulana Faqir Mohammed, the former deputy chief, of the TTP was also freed as the Taliban seized the capital.

He said that the militants from Daesh and TTP, which are outlawed, were present in Nooristan's mountainous ranges. "We brought the Taliban to our table over the TTP issue. We told them that Pakistan won't allow its soil be used against Afghanistan, and it hopes Afghanistan will not allow its soil be used against Pakistan."