Covid resurge: 'Goa on alert, Kerala, Maha'

 In light of the increasing number of Covid cases within the two states, Goa must be alert just like Maharashtra and Kerala.

Sawant stated that the state government was prepared to handle the third wave of pandemics if it strikes with human and infrastructural resource.

"We are prepared but people must also be prepared. Nobody could have imagined that the second wave would hit at such an extent. "We need to be alert," Sawant said at a government function.

"Our neighboring states of Maharashtra, Kerala, and Kerala have alerted our people because the highest number of cases are currently in Kerala and Maharashtra. Sawant said that Maharashtra had begun to impose curfews in a large way.

Sawant spoke out about Goa's preparedness to manage the third Covid wave should it occur. He said that "whatever infrastructure or human resources are required for Covid management, they have fully prepared." Both are 100% possible.

"I am referring to human resources because in the event of the third wave striking, then whatever training is required as far human resources go like doctors, paramedical staff, and ambulances, we are ready. Sawant said that the network required to prepare in this sector is already prepared in Goa.