India and Russia meet to discuss security issues, including Afghanistan.

 On Wednesday, the Indian and Russian National Security Advisors met at this location to discuss security issues including the Afghanistan crisis.

Ajit Doval, Indian National Security Advisor (NSA), will discuss security-related issues with Nikolai Patrushev, his Russian counterpart, following the crisis in Afghanistan that has resulted from the Taliban taking control.

On Tuesday, General Nikolay Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Federation's Security Council, arrived in India for a two-day visit to the "High-Level India-Russia Intergovernmental Consultations". He was invited by the Indian National Security Adviser.

Russia and India face similar challenges from Afghanistan. These include the rise of terrorist groups and increased drug trafficking. A large amount of highly advanced US Military equipment is currently in the hands of terrorist organizations that are now part of the Afghan militia. Both countries therefore wanted to have a discussion about these security-related issues.

This consultation was a continuation of the conversation on the phone between Prime Minister NarendraModi and President Vladimir Putin on August 24, when both leaders stated their opinions that the two strategic partners should work together and directed their top officials to keep in touch with Afghanistan.

India's External Affairs Ministry stated that Patrushev will also call Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and S. Jaishankar, External Affairs Minister.

Russia stated that Modi-Putin had spoken to Russia and expressed their desire to strengthen cooperation in order to combat the spread of terrorist ideology and the drug threat from Afghanistan.

Both leaders agreed to establish a permanent bilateral channel for discussions on the issue.

Earlier, on August 26, the Afghan crisis was addressed in detail by Pankaj Saran, Deputy NSA. He met with Russian NSA Nikolay Patrushev as well as Igor Morgulov, Deputy Foreign Minister.

Nikolay Kudashev, the Russian Envoy to Afghanistan, reiterated on September 6 that there was ample opportunity for cooperation between India & Russia on Afghanistan. Both sides are in constant touch about the latest developments in war-torn countries.

He said that Russia was as concerned as India about the Afghan soil not being used to spread terrorism to other nations. There was also concern that the terror threat might reach the Russian territory, as well as the Indian Kashmir.

Russia played a crucial role in promoting the Afghan peace process, before the Taliban took power in Kabul on Aug 15.