Nasir Khan: I apologize to Geetanjali whenever I shout at "Savita"

 Nasirr Khan, an actor, will play the role of Niranjan Toshniwal in the upcoming TV series 'Shubh laabh-Aapkey Ghar Mein'. It was easy for him to become the character of Niranjan Toshniwal and connect with the audience, he said.

Nasirr spoke about preparations for the role of "Niranjan Toshniwal" and said that she knew the audience would emotionally connect to the characters. The show's journey will keep viewers riveted. Since I had carried anger during my childhood, one of the seven sins this show discusses, it wasn't difficult for me to become the character. The actor has appeared in many movies and TV shows, including "The Lunchbox", "Wazir", and "Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye". He spoke out about his screen personality and how it affects him. He also shared that he apologizes to Geetanjali Tikekar after each show.

Nasirr said: "I was an angrier kid. As I grew up I realized the consequences of this sin in my life and decided to make a change. Every time I shout at Savita, or any other part of the scene while shooting, I feel terrible and apologize to Geetanjali immediately after the shot. "Shubh Laabh-Aapkey Gar Mein" is a spiritual tale that focuses on ritualism and true devotion. It features Geetanjali Tikekar (Savita), Chhavvi Pandey (Maa Laxmi) and Nasirr Khan (Niranjan Toshniwal).

"Shubh Laabh-Aapkey Ghar Mein" will be available on Sony SAB starting September 13.