Pak gains global relevance thanks to Afghan govt formation

 The pivotal role of Pakistan in the current developments regarding Afghanistan has been the historic peace agreement between the US and Afghan Taliban in Doha. This was before the current situation.

Although the administration of US President Joe Biden has not spoken to Pakistan since the Doha Agreement, Islamabad has steadily and intelligently regained regional and global importance in the future developments in Afghanistan.

Pakistan is currently in active consultations with the US, UK, UAE, Turkey and Germany as well as other countries, to plan, discuss and formulate a plan for future development, humanitarian aid through global entities, and create global legitimacy through the formation of a government in Afghanistan.

Since the Soviet war, Pakistan has had historical ties to the Taliban. This makes it very relevant and important to encourage, compel, and even influence the Taliban to table talks with the US.

With the Taliban government in Afghanistan now in place and the looming threat of a humanitarian, food, or water crisis, the insurgents are forced to appeal to the international community for assistance.

Zabihullah Mojahid, spokesperson for Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan (IEA), urged the international community to provide aid and supplies to address the growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, which could soon become a major human disaster.

As countries and donors worldwide look for ways to reach Afghanistan with aid, Pakistan appears to be the most viable option. The land route from Pakistan through Afghanistan via the Torkham border has been the most cost-effective route for long-term consistent supplies into and out of Afghanistan.

For at least 20 years, NATO supplies mainly passed through Pakistan's Torkham border.

Faiz Hameed (the chief of Pakistan's top spy organization Inter-Service Intelligence) visited Afghanistan just days before the announcement about the new government under Taliban. This has also reinforced the close ties and symbolic significance that Pakistan holds with the Taliban.

Pakistan insists on stability in Afghanistan through inclusive government formation.

For the west, Pakistan is a kingmaker thanks to its active but secretive manoeuvering in Afghanistan and strategic gameplay.