Thakur holds the final day. The game is at its best

Shardul Thakur, Indian all-rounder, said that the Test at The Oval was equally poised on its final day. The ongoing Test has seen Thakur play a significant role as a batsman, scoring 57 runs in the first innings and 60 in the second. He clean bowled Ollie Papa in England's first innings.

"You're into the final day, and the game is equally poised. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the outcome. England is pushing hard, we push hard, and everyone who watches the game is eagerly awaiting the result. Thakur told Sky Sports that he couldn't have asked for more before day five began.

Thakur spoke about day five's plan and said that the team must remain calm and increase pressure on England batsmen.

"There was some talk, but we only need one opening. You know that on day five, if we get even one wicket in the middle, the pressure on the batting team is building. It's difficult on the fifth day of any pitch in the world. We just need to keep our heads up and not lose sight of the goal or build pressure. Let's wait and see what happens. According to the 29-year old, reverse swing could be explored starting with the old ball by the Indian team.

"I believe there is a little reverse swing with an old ball. Ravi Jadeja is trying not to go into the rough, but there's plenty of it. One side of the ball may get scuffed from the rough. You can also reverse the swing. We are not sure, but we look forward to the reverse swing sometime around lunchtime, either before or after.