Jonathan Entwistle will direct the Power Rangers reboot

English director Jonathan Entwistle directs the Power Rangers' relaunch at Paramount Pictures.

Entwistle is most well-known for his Netflix series, "The End of the F***g World". Entwistle is currently in talks with a director for a feature movie that would reboot the title.

The original Power Rangers TV series, originally called The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was first broadcast in the 1990s. This global marketing franchise used footage taken from a Japanese children’s program.

A group of children was involved in the franchise. They wore coordinated clothing and matched helmets.

Lionsgate Entertainment produced and distributed the movie. The film grossed USD142 million worldwide and had a budget of approximately 100 millions USD.

The story is based on time-travel elements which take the children to the 1990s, and then require them to return to their previous lives.

The script will be written by Patrick Burleigh, author of 'Peter Rabbit 2 : The Runaway'. Allspark Pictures, Hasbro's film arm will produce the feature.