BJP Leader Challenges Congress Government's Ban Proposal on RSS and Bajrang Dal

 Senior BJP leader and former Karnataka minister R. Ashoka has issued a challenge to the newly-formed Congress government in the state regarding its proposal to ban RSS and Bajrang Dal. Reacting to remarks made by Karnataka cabinet minister Priyank Kharge, Ashoka expressed skepticism about the Congress' ability to ban any branch of RSS and stated that such an action would significantly impact the party's standing in the state.

Speaking to reporters, Ashoka pointed out that previous attempts to ban RSS had been unsuccessful, even when the Congress had a majority in the Parliament and held power in numerous state governments. He challenged the Congress government to demonstrate its resolve by banning just one branch of RSS, suggesting that the sentiments of the Hindu community were aligned with RSS and Bajrang Dal.

Ashoka also commented on the internal dynamics of the Congress government, stating that while Chief Minister Siddaramaiah remained silent, Deputy CM Shivakumar exhibited a more aggressive approach. He accused Shivakumar of making threats against the police department and Hindu organizations in various meetings.

Reacting to the proposal, Karnataka BJP President Nalin Kumar Kateel warned that any attempt to ban RSS or Bajrang Dal would lead to the downfall of the Congress government.

In response, Priyank Kharge reiterated the Congress' readiness to impose a ban on Bajrang Dal. He emphasized the party's commitment to take action against any organization, including RSS and Bajrang Dal, if they engage in moral policing or pose a threat to peace and the constitution. Kharge stated that the government has the capability to initiate appropriate action against such individuals or organizations and intends to amend laws brought by the previous BJP government.

The ban proposal on RSS and Bajrang Dal remains a contentious issue, with the BJP challenging the Congress government's ability to implement such a ban, while the Congress maintains its commitment to take action against organizations deemed detrimental to peace and communal harmony. The ongoing debate underscores the ideological differences and political tensions between the two parties.