Czech Republic Approves Purchase of 246 CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles from Sweden


The Czech Republic government has given its approval for the acquisition of 246 CV90 infantry fighting vehicles from Sweden. This significant deal, valued at 59.7 billion Czech crowns ($2 billion), includes workshop vehicles, spare parts, and a commitment from Sweden to ensure the Czech defense industry contributes at least 40 percent of the contract's value. The purchase of these combat vehicles marks a substantial investment in the country's military capabilities.

The Expanded Purchase Agreement

Initially, the Czech Republic had intended to purchase 210 units of the CV90 combat vehicles, with a potential option for an additional 36 units in the future. However, due to rising prices in the combat equipment market, the decision was made to acquire all 246 units. This expanded purchase demonstrates the government's commitment to enhancing its military strength and readiness.

The Largest Army Purchase in Czech Republic's Modern History

The deal to acquire 246 CV90 infantry fighting vehicles has been hailed as the largest army purchase in the modern history of the Czech Republic. With a contract value of 59.7 billion Czech crowns, it is also one of the country's largest state orders ever. The significance of this purchase highlights the Czech Republic's dedication to bolstering its defense capabilities and ensuring the security of its nation.

Contribution to the Czech Defense Industry

In addition to the procurement of the CV90 vehicles, the agreement includes a commitment from Sweden to ensure that at least 40 percent of the contract's value is contributed by the Czech defense industry. This aspect of the deal promotes collaboration and the growth of the domestic defense sector, fostering technological advancements and economic benefits for the Czech Republic.

Timeline and Delivery

According to Defense Minister Jana Cernochova, the first CV90 vehicles are expected to be delivered by 2026, with the complete delivery of all units anticipated by 2030. This timeline allows for the gradual integration of the new vehicles into the Czech military's operational readiness, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal utilization of the advanced capabilities provided by the CV90.

Future Collaborations with Germany

In addition to the purchase agreement with Sweden, the Czech Republic has announced its intention to initiate talks with Germany regarding a joint purchase of approximately 70 Leopard 2A8 tanks. This further demonstrates the Czech Republic's commitment to strengthening its defense capabilities through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts with other NATO allies.

The Czech Republic's approval of the purchase of 246 CV90 infantry fighting vehicles from Sweden marks a significant milestone in the country's efforts to enhance its military capabilities. This substantial investment reflects the government's commitment to ensuring the security and defense of the nation. By expanding its military assets and fostering collaboration with international partners, the Czech Republic takes proactive steps toward maintaining a robust and modern armed forces to address evolving security challenges effectively.