Essar Oil and Gas Collaborates with Sensia for Digital Transformation

Essar Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Ltd (EOGEPL), a pioneering player in unconventional hydrocarbons in India, has announced its collaboration with Sensia, a leading digitalization solutions provider. This strategic partnership aims to leverage Sensia's Avalon digital platform interface to enhance operations and drive efficiency in EOGEPL's well facilities and customer interface.

Objectives of the Strategic Collaboration

The collaboration between EOGEPL and Sensia seeks to unify measurement systems, optimize decision-making processes, and enable remote control of critical parameters. By utilizing Sensia's digital platform, EOGEPL aims to streamline well-related activities, facility operations, and customer-end operations for seamless data capture, analysis, and digitization.

Benefits of Sensia's Avalon Digital Platform

Sensia's Avalon platform offers a comprehensive interface that simplifies the acquisition and analysis of essential parameters related to wells, facilities, and customer operations. It enables real-time data acquisition of mechanical, electrical, gas and water flow, pressure, and power backup device data. The platform's capabilities empower EOGEPL to access critical information and make proactive decisions efficiently.

Remote Monitoring and Control for Efficient Operations

With remote access and control capabilities provided by Sensia's digital platform, EOGEPL gains the ability to monitor and adjust critical parameters across their operations. This facilitates efficient operations, proactive decision-making, and the optimization of resources. The integration of remote monitoring and control contributes to improved operational efficiency and streamlines production processes.

CEO's Perspective on Digitalization Journey

Pankaj Kalra, CEO of EOGEPL, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Sensia and the deployment of their Avalon digital platform interface. He emphasized the significance of this partnership in EOGEPL's digitalization journey, aiming to unify measurement systems, optimize decision-making, and remotely control critical parameters. Kalra believes that leveraging advanced technologies will enhance production, reduce operating costs, and drive sustainable and efficient energy production.

Investment and Expansion Plans of EOGEPL

EOGEPL has already invested Rs 5,000 crore in exploration and drilling 350 wells in the Raniganj block. The company plans to invest an additional Rs 2,000 crore for drilling 200 more wells in the next 18 to 24 months. By employing the latest technology in existing wells, EOGEPL aims to increase production from 0.9 mmscd to 1.3 mmscd.

Advancements in Real-Time Monitoring and Automation

Under the partnership with Sensia, EOGEPL has made significant progress in real-time monitoring of existing wells and is expanding monitoring to an additional 200 wells. The integration of automation solutions supports EOGEPL's digitalization efforts and enables remote operations, enhancing efficiency for production expansion plans.

Driving Well Performance and Cost Optimization

The collaboration between EOGEPL and Sensia offers multiple benefits to the oil and gas industry. By utilizing a single interface for capturing and monitoring essential parameters, digitalization efforts contribute to increased well performance, enhanced production, and reduced operating costs. The automation solution's remote control capabilities streamline production operations and eliminate the need for on-site personnel, optimizing efficiency and resource allocation.

Embracing Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Operations

EOGEPL is committed to embracing cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to fuel the growth and sustainability of its operations. The partnership with Sensia marks a significant step towards achieving EOGEPL's vision of digital transformation and remote operations within the oil and gas sector. This collaboration aligns with EOGEPL's commitment to invest in research and development, improve operations, and leverage advanced solutions to drive efficiency and sustainable energy production.