Majority of Respondents Satisfied with BJP-Led Central Government, Survey Reveals

A recent pan-India survey conducted by CVoter to commemorate nine years of the BJP-led government has revealed that 70.5 percent of the respondents expressed satisfaction with the Central government. In contrast, 27.6 percent of the respondents held an opposing view, while 2.36 percent refrained from commenting on the matter.

The survey findings shed light on changing public sentiment over the years. In 2022, 68.85 percent of respondents expressed satisfaction with the Central government, while 28.25 percent felt otherwise. However, in 2021, the level of satisfaction dropped significantly to 59.2 percent, following a substantial decline from 80.73 percent in 2020. In 2019, 74.72 percent of respondents expressed satisfaction with the governance of the Modi regime.

These numbers provide insight into the evolving perceptions of the BJP-led Central government over the years. It is important to note that the survey was conducted to mark the nine-year anniversary of Narendra Modi assuming office as the Prime Minister of India after the BJP achieved a historic majority of 282 seats in the Lok Sabha elections held in May 2014.

The survey results highlight the dynamic nature of public opinion and the varying degrees of satisfaction with the Central government's performance. They offer valuable insights into the sentiment of the populace, which may shape political discourse and future policy decisions.