Man Apprehended for Making Threatening PCR Call to Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Delhi Police Detains Individual for Allegedly Warning of Threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Suspect Identified as Hemant Kumar from Raigar Pura, Karol Bagh

The Delhi Police have successfully apprehended a man who made a PCR call, issuing a warning about a potential threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hemant Kumar, a resident of Raigar Pura in Karol Bagh, has been identified as the caller. This incident has raised concerns about the security and safety of political figures in the country.

Prompt Police Response and Joint Interrogation Conducted

Upon receiving the PCR call on Thursday night, the Delhi Police swiftly dispatched a team to the reported location. They apprehended Hemant Kumar and brought him to the police station for further investigation. Pranav Tayal, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in New Delhi, stated that a joint interrogation was conducted to ascertain the nature of the threat and the motives behind the call.

Unemployment and Alcohol Consumption as Potential Factors

Investigations into the suspect's background have revealed that Hemant Kumar has been unemployed for the past six years. Additionally, it was discovered that he has a habitual drinking problem. Preliminary findings suggest that Kumar was under the influence of alcohol when he made the threatening PCR call. These circumstances may shed light on the motivations and state of mind of the individual during the incident.

The Delhi Police is working diligently to gather further evidence and explore all possible angles related to this case. The severity of the offense and the potential implications for national security underscore the importance of a comprehensive investigation.

The swift action taken by the Delhi Police in apprehending Hemant Kumar highlights their commitment to ensuring the safety of prominent political figures like Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The joint interrogation and ongoing investigation will delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the threatening PCR call. Unemployment and alcohol consumption have emerged as potential factors influencing the suspect's actions, adding a dimension to the case that warrants further examination.

As the investigation progresses, it is crucial to maintain a high level of vigilance and security measures to prevent any potential threats to national leaders. The incident serves as a reminder of the constant challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in safeguarding public figures and maintaining the overall security of the nation.