Man Arrested for Smuggling Rs 71 Lakh Worth of Gold Paste at Jaipur International Airport

 A man from Rajasthan was apprehended at Jaipur International Airport for attempting to smuggle approximately Rs 71 lakh worth of gold paste, weighing 1.44 kg. The suspect, a frequent traveler abroad, arrived in Jaipur on an Air Arabia flight.

Gold Paste Concealed in Inner Wear and Shoes

Customs officials discovered that the smuggler had cleverly hidden the gold paste within his inner wear and shoes. Despite initially denying the possession of any gold, the accused was subjected to scanning by the customs officers, who uncovered the hidden stash during the process. The gold paste was concealed in the shoe soles and inner wear, amounting to 1.44 kilograms.

Details of the Arrested Smuggler

The individual arrested for smuggling the gold paste is originally from Shekhawati, Rajasthan. Having traveled abroad on previous occasions, the accused failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for carrying the illicit gold. As a result, he was presented before the court, which subsequently ordered his detention in jail.

The diligent efforts of customs officials at Jaipur International Airport have successfully intercepted a significant gold smuggling attempt. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by authorities in curbing illegal activities and emphasizes the need for enhanced security measures. By diligently enforcing regulations and conducting thorough inspections, law enforcement agencies can deter such smuggling attempts and safeguard the integrity of our airports and borders.