Meta Announces Layoff Round, Cutting 6,000 Jobs


On Wednesday, Meta (formerly Facebook) conducted another round of layoffs, affecting approximately 6,000 employees worldwide. These job cuts are part of Meta's "Year of Efficiency" restructuring plan aimed at reducing costs. The latest round of layoffs specifically targeted Meta's business departments.

In March, Meta's Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would eliminate 10,000 jobs in two rounds of layoffs, scheduled for late April and late May. Zuckerberg stated in a Facebook post that the company plans to reduce the team size by approximately 10,000 people and close around 5,000 additional unfilled positions as part of their efficiency efforts.

Previously, Meta had already cut 11,000 roles in November of the previous year, resulting in a total of approximately 21,000 job losses across various departments within the social network.

During the previous month, Meta significantly reduced its team dedicated to combating misinformation, according to reports.

At the end of 2022, Meta had around 86,000 employees. Additionally, Meta has reportedly stopped listing new remote positions, with managers being instructed not to post new job listings offering remote work options.

Zuckerberg has mentioned that after the restructuring is complete, Meta plans to lift hiring and transfer freezes in each department.