Narendra Modi Promises Strong Action Against Attacks on Temples and Sikh Extremism in Australia

 In a recent three-day visit to Australia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised concerns about attacks on temples. Over the past few months, there have been incidents of Hindu temples being targeted by Sikh extremists in Australia. Prime Minister Modi has taken note of these incidents and called for decisive action. He expressed confidence in Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's commitment to taking strong measures. The discussions during the visit also touched upon the activities of separatist elements.

Addressing Temple Attacks and Extremism Prime Minister Modi emphasized the need to reject any elements that could impact the friendly and harmonious relations between India and Australia. He acknowledged Prime Minister Albanese's assurance of taking strict action against such elements in the future. Although the term "Khalistan" was not explicitly mentioned, the reference was made towards separatist elements. Prime Minister Albanese, when questioned on the matter, also affirmed that incidents of attacks on religious places and temples would be dealt with firmly.

Appreciation for Australian Collaboration Prime Minister Modi expressed his gratitude to Albanese for taking action against those involved in such incidents. He stated, "Prime Minister Albanese has once again assured me that he will continue to take strong action against these elements in the future." Modi also highlighted the ongoing meetings with Australian counterparts, indicating the depth of relations between the two countries.

Strengthening India-Australia Relations Modi described the frequent meetings between India and Australia over the past year, illustrating the depth and maturity of their comprehensive relationship. Using a cricket analogy, he stated, "In the language of cricket, our relationship is in the T20 format." Both leaders engaged in meaningful discussions on strategic cooperation in mining and vital mineral sectors. The Prime Minister also referred to the vibrant Indian community in Australia as a bridge between the two nations. They reiterated their commitment to an open, prosperous, and secure Indo-Pacific region.

The visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Australia highlighted the growing concerns regarding attacks on temples and the activities of Sikh extremist elements. Modi expressed his confidence in Prime Minister Albanese's determination to take strong action against such incidents. The discussions during the visit showcased the deepening relationship between India and Australia, emphasizing collaboration in various sectors. The commitment to a stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific region was reaffirmed, highlighting the importance of the strong partnership between the two countries.