New Parliament Building Inauguration: BJP Makes a Memorable Statement Amid Political Boycott


The recent inauguration of the new Parliament building has stirred political controversy, with several parties opting to boycott the event. Amidst the absence of five prominent parties, including Aam Aadmi Party, TMC, CPIM, and CPI, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) managed to make a memorable statement. The Congress party, though yet to make an official announcement, was the first to raise objections, suggesting that the President should have inaugurated the structure. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri countered the Congress, criticizing their lack of respect and pride for the nation. He questioned why they didn't protest when Congress Prime Ministers inaugurated the previous Parliament building. The BJP emphasized that this was not the first time a Prime Minister or any building associated with Parliament had been inaugurated, highlighting the opposition's selective outrage.

Political Boycott and Controversy

The BJP asserted that the opposition's protest held no ground, as previous Prime Ministers had also inaugurated the Parliament building or related structures. Puri reminded everyone that celebrating a new milestone should not be an issue for the Congress, as it symbolizes India's new temple of democracy and brings happiness to all citizens.

Puri further highlighted that Congress leaders had previously made controversial comments against the President. He mentioned how even the Congress President had raised questions about his own election. Referring to historical instances, Puri recalled Indira Gandhi inaugurating the Annex building in the Parliament complex on October 24, 1975. Additionally, he noted that Rajiv Gandhi had laid the foundation stone of the Parliament library on August 15, 1987.

BJP's Response and Importance of Inauguration

The BJP emphasized that the opposition's criticism lacked substance, as the tradition of Prime Ministers inaugurating Parliament-related structures is not unprecedented. The party reiterated that when the nation celebrates a new achievement, the Congress should not find fault. The new Parliament building serves as a symbol of India's democracy and should be a matter of joy for all.

The BJP's stance indicates that they consider the boycott by the opposition parties inconsequential. By highlighting the historical precedents of previous Congress Prime Ministers inaugurating buildings within the Parliament complex, the BJP dismisses the opposition's selective opposition to the event.

The political boycott of the inauguration of the new Parliament building has stirred a heated debate. While the Congress and other opposition parties have chosen to stay away, the BJP has made a strong statement, defending the tradition of Prime Ministers inaugurating such structures. The BJP argues that the new Parliament building is a symbol of India's democracy and should be a cause for celebration. By reminding the Congress of their own past actions, the BJP questions the opposition's selective outrage. It remains to be seen how this controversy will further unfold in the political landscape of the country.