RTI Activist's Suspicious Death Case Handed Over to CID, Police Personnel Suspended

The case surrounding the suspicious death of an RTI activist in Davanagere district has been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) following a complaint from the family members. In connection with this case, a police sub-inspector and a constable have been suspended. The 40-year-old activist, H.R. Harish Halli, was found dead near Tolahunase village in Davanagere taluk. The police claimed that Harish Halli sustained severe injuries after allegedly jumping out of an official vehicle while in custody. The family members, however, accused the police of murder and filed a complaint against specific officers.

RTI Activist's Suspicious Death Investigation Transferred to CID

The mysterious death of an RTI activist in Davanagere district has prompted the involvement of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) after a complaint was filed by the victim's family members. In response, the department has taken over the case, aiming to unravel the truth behind the incident. As part of the ongoing investigation, a police sub-inspector and a constable have been suspended.

Circumstances Surrounding the Incident

The lifeless body of the 40-year-old RTI activist, H.R. Harish Halli, was discovered near Tolahunase village in Davanagere taluk during the early hours of May 28. The police alleged that Harish Halli was taken into custody in connection with a police case. According to their account, while being transported in an official vehicle, Harish Halli reportedly leaped out, resulting in severe injuries. Despite being rushed to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries.

Allegations and Protests

Harish Halli, a resident of Kabbala village in Channagiri taluk, was facing charges related to fabricating property documents and encroachment. He was arrested from his wife's residence in Kakanoora village. However, the family members vehemently contested the police's version of events. They staged a protest outside the police station, alleging that Harish Halli had been murdered. In response to their claims, Harish's wife filed a complaint against Police Sub-Inspector (PSI) Krishnappa and two police constables.

Ongoing Investigation and Monitoring

To ensure a thorough investigation, Superintendent of Police (SP) Dr. K. Arun visited the scene of the incident and closely monitored the progress of the case. The transfer of the investigation to the CID aims to bring clarity and uncover the truth behind the suspicious death of the RTI activist.