Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic Resigns as Leader of Ruling Party to Promote National Unity

 Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced his resignation from the leadership of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) during a rally in Belgrade. The decision aims to foster national unity in response to the recent crisis triggered by two mass shootings in May. The rally, attended by tens of thousands of supporters, government officials, and regional leaders, demonstrated solidarity with Vucic's approach to overcoming the crisis.

Resignation and Party Leadership Transition

President Vucic stated that the rally would mark his last address as the president of the SNS. The party's leadership meeting scheduled for the following day in Kragujevac would appoint his successor. However, Vucic assured his loyalty to the party and emphasized his intention to remain a faithful member.

Crisis and Public Protests

The two separate shootings that resulted in the loss of 18 lives, predominantly young people and children, and left numerous others injured, sparked public outrage. Thousands of protesters took to the streets over the past two weeks, demanding social and political changes in response to the tragedy.

Invitation for Dialogue and Political Transformation

During his speech, Vucic extended an invitation to the opposition and protesters to engage in dialogue and present their proposals. However, he emphasized that a change of government outside of elections was not a viable option. Vucic expressed his plans to establish a new political organization called the "Movement for People and State" by the end of June. The goal of this new entity would be to enhance national unity and political capacity in navigating the forthcoming two to three years of crisis, which he deemed critical for Serbia's future.

Public Reception and Vucic's Political Career

The president's speech was met with warm enthusiasm from the rally participants, despite enduring rain for hours. Vucic's political career began when he was elected as president of the SNS in 2012, followed by his first presidential mandate for Serbia in 2017. Last year, he secured re-election for a fresh five-year term.

President Aleksandar Vucic's decision to step down as the leader of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party demonstrates his commitment to promoting national unity during a challenging period. The rally, attended by a significant number of supporters and regional leaders, showcased solidarity with Vucic's approach to address the crisis and emphasized the importance of political dialogue and stability. As Vucic transitions to a new political organization, his focus on overcoming the crisis and securing Serbia's future remains at the forefront of his agenda.