Heartbreaking Train Accident Claims Life in Balasore, Odisha: Family Struggles to Bring Deceased Home

A tragic train accident in Balasore, Odisha, has resulted in the loss of a life belonging to Motihari town in Bihar's East Champaran district. Raja Patel, a native of Motihari, had embarked on a journey with six friends aboard the Coromandel Express train, aiming to seek better livelihood opportunities in Kerala and improve their families' financial conditions. However, the unfortunate accident in Balasore has left Raja's family grappling with the challenge of arranging Rs 45,000 demanded by the ambulance service for repatriating his body.

Raja Patel's family finds themselves in a distressing situation as they confront the hefty cost demanded by the ambulance service to transport his body back home from the accident site. With limited financial resources and daily struggles for sustenance, they are uncertain about how to arrange the required sum. Raja, being the sole breadwinner, held immense responsibility in supporting his family. Their hopes rested on him earning in Kerala and sending financial aid. Now, his sudden demise has left them feeling helpless, particularly as they receive no assistance from the state or central government.

Raja Patel and his six friends, namely Sanjay Paswan, Vijay Paswan, Vishal Paswan, Umeh Paswan, Suraj Raut, and Gauri Shankar Giri, had embarked on their journey from Motihari to Kolkata aboard the Mithila Express. From there, they boarded a coach of the Kolkata to Chennai Coromandel Express, en route to Kerala. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when the group encountered the accident in Balasore. While Raja lost his life, two of his friends, Vijay and Sanjay, sustained critical injuries, while the remaining four suffered injuries but are now out of danger.

Bhuvan Patel, Raja's father, expressed his anguish, emphasizing the dire circumstances faced by the family. Raja's recent marriage and his two-month-old child compound the heartache experienced by his wife and mother. The financial burden imposed by the ambulance service further exacerbates their already challenging situation. Despite their struggles, neither the state nor the central government has extended any support, leaving them without recourse.

Saurav Jorwal, the District Magistrate of East Champaran, acknowledged the tragic incident and affirmed that local-level assistance is being offered to the affected families. While the official data on the casualties is yet to be received, the Railway Department has announced compensation for the victims' families. In response to the devastating incident, the Bihar government has decided to dispatch a team of officials to provide aid to the injured and deceased victims of the Balasore railway tragedy. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has directed the Chief Secretary, Amir Subhani, to assemble a team consisting of a District Magistrate, a panel of doctors, and other employees to extend support to those affected.

The heartbreaking train accident in Balasore has shattered the lives of Raja Patel's family and friends, who now grapple with the overwhelming task of bringing his body back home. The demanding financial burden imposed by the ambulance service adds to their already precarious situation. While efforts are being made at the local and state levels to offer assistance, the family's plight remains unresolved. As they mourn the loss of a beloved son, husband, and father, they hope for compassion and support from the authorities during this trying time.