J&K Police Busts Sex Racket in Jammu District, Four Arrested

The Jammu and Kashmir Police have successfully dismantled a sex racket operating in Jammu district, leading to the arrest of four individuals. Acting on information received about the illicit activities taking place in the Nawabad area of the city, a police team conducted a raid on a residence owned by Renu Gupta. During the operation, two men from the Valley were found in compromising positions with two women. All four individuals have been taken into custody, and their identities have been disclosed as Liyaqat Ali and Muhammad Sharief, both hailing from the Pahalgam area in Anantnag district.

Prompted by credible information about the existence of a sex racket, the Jammu and Kashmir Police initiated an operation in the Nawabad area of Jammu. The police team conducted a targeted raid on the residence of Renu Gupta, believed to be involved in the illicit activities.

During the raid, two men from Pahalgam, namely Liyaqat Ali and Muhammad Sharief, were caught in compromising situations with two women. The police immediately apprehended all four individuals and brought them into custody. Their identities have been established, shedding light on their origin and association with the Anantnag district.

Earlier this year, in April, the authorities uncovered another sex racket operating in a hotel located in the Jewel Chowk area of Jammu. The police swiftly moved in and arrested five individuals involved in the illicit activities.

The successful dismantling of a sex racket in Jammu district by the Jammu and Kashmir Police showcases their unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order. Through a well-executed raid, the police apprehended four individuals, including two men from the Pahalgam area. These actions demonstrate the authorities' resolve to combat illicit activities and protect the well-being of the community. Such operations serve as a deterrent and send a clear message that illegal sex rackets will not be tolerated, ensuring the safety and security of the region's residents.