Milestone Furniture Faces Delays in Financial Results as Chartered Accountant Disappears

 A BSE-listed company, Milestone Furniture, has encountered an unusual situation as its chartered accountant has suddenly gone missing, causing a delay in the finalization of the company's financial results. The company made this revelation during a board meeting held on May 25, where discussions were held regarding the financial statements. The absence of the chartered accountant has resulted in the unavailability of financial data and the lack of responsible individuals to handle the data. Milestone Furniture is actively working to resolve the issue in order to ensure compliance with BSE and ROC regulations at the earliest.

During the board meeting, the Chairman informed the board members about the disappearance of their existing chartered accountant, CA Bhupendra Gandhi. With the unavailability of the chartered accountant and the absence of responsible individuals, the finalization of financial statements has been put on hold. This delay not only hampers the company's ability to present accurate financial data but also affects its compliance with regulatory requirements set by BSE and ROC. Milestone Furniture is making efforts to address the situation promptly to ensure the completion of financial reporting obligations.

In addition to the missing chartered accountant, the board meeting also discussed the matter of finding a suitable candidate for the positions of Managing Director and Company Secretary. These roles are crucial for the smooth functioning and organic growth of the company. Milestone Furniture aims to identify qualified individuals who can fulfill these important responsibilities effectively. Furthermore, the board meeting acknowledged the resignation of Ganesh Kumar Sadanand Patlikadan from the position of CEO, highlighting potential changes in the company's leadership.

Milestone Furniture faces unexpected challenges due to the sudden disappearance of its chartered accountant, causing delays in finalizing financial results. The company is actively seeking resolutions to retrieve financial data and fulfill its reporting obligations to regulatory bodies. Simultaneously, efforts are being made to identify suitable candidates for key positions within the company to ensure smooth operations and foster organic growth. By addressing these issues promptly, Milestone Furniture aims to overcome obstacles and continue its progress in the industry.